2022 IDEA Awards Celebrate Design Innovation

The 2022 Industrial Design, Engineering & Automation (IDEA) Awards will celebrate outstanding innovation in product design and function for the manufacturing sector. IDEA Award winners will be chosen by the readers of Machine Design and Power & Motion, who will vote for entries from 11 different categories. The deadline to enter products for the IDEA Awards is June 24, 2022 at 5 pm CT. Finalists for the IDEA Awards will be announced on Aug. 15 online at machinedesign.com and powermotiontech.com and in the Mid-Year Report edition of Machine Design magazine and the July-August issue of Power & Motion magazine.

The Categories for the 2022 IDEA Awards are:

3D Printing

3D printing machines, materials and software, as well as interfaces to CAD and machine tools for post-processing

Automation & Controls

PLC, SCADA and other control devices as well as networks and software used to manage control systems and data

Electric Motors, Drives and Components

Electric motors and drives of all sizes and electrical and electronic components

Design Software

CAD, CAM, CAE, DFM, AI, FEA, modeling and simulation software to assist the design engineer


Single-axis and multi-axis robots as well as cobots, AGVs and other robotic transport vehicles


Embedded sensors to measure speed, temperature, vibration, positioning and other operational parameters and functions as well as the enabling software

Motion Control

Pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric systems and guides, including cylinders, ball screws, belts, chains and other actuators, as well as fluids, filters and compressed air systems

Cloud and Computing

Edge computing devices, printers, modems, displays, HMIs and interfaces, as well as the cloud systems and software needed to collect and manage operational data


System management of multi-faceted systems, including hardware and software components and tools

Fastening and Joining

All mechanical and machine tool operations, welding, soldering and adhesives focused on metal or component joining as well as materials used to fasten and secure components

Fluid Power Components

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components and compressed air systems as well as all hoses and valves required for efficient fluid power operation


Metals, alloys, plastics, polymers, ceramics and composites

Each entry is $ 500. Companies may submit multiple entries.

For more information, go to the official IDEA Awards page at this link.

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