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Recognizing the continued need for endowed scholarships to benefit students at Virginia Tech, McClelland and her husband, Bob, also a Virginia Tech alumnus, set up an endowed scholarship fund in 2014. The Robert and Mary McClelland Aspire! Ut Prosim Scholarship is given annually to an undergraduate student who is an Ut Prosim Aspire! Award recipient. The scholarship is designated for students who enrich their lives through service to others and takes into account demonstrated financial need. The recipient of the 2022 Robert and Mary McClelland Aspire! Ut Prosim Scholarship is Charity Hall, who was recognized with the Ut Prosim Aspire! Award earlier this spring.

In presenting the award to McClelland, Vice President for Student Affairs Frank Shushok said, “Mary, we are so proud of you and thankful to you for showing what it means to serve others with courage and empathy. Having you as a role model helps students imagine their possibilities for awareness, action, fulfillment, and personal growth. Thank you, Mary. You have taken your Virginia Tech experience and created a positive legacy, which students will benefit from now and in the future. We are so grateful for your friendship, hard work, and the many ways you show your support for students and Student Affairs. ”

The Ut Prosim Aspire! Award for faculty and staff went to Shushok, who will leave Virginia Tech this summer to become Roanoke College’s 12th president. A member of the Virginia Tech community since 2009, Shushok is a highly regarded national leader in higher education.

In 2018, Shushok wrote, “When a single student finds a calling, becomes compelled by the cause of justice, learns to care for humanity, discovers a talent, hones a skill, or finds the courage to speak up for a value, the world stretches… I can’t think of a better way to spend a life. ”

In presenting the award, Dean of Students Byron Hughes said, “An outstanding colleague and a warm and generous person, Frank is a true champion of learning, both in and outside of the classroom. He is committed to providing our students with the best possible education, and to making the Virginia Tech experience stronger and better. ”

“Intentionally embracing Ut Prosim as a way of life does not happen in a moment, but instead through hundreds of daily decisions over years of living, ”said Shushok. “Ut Prosim compels us to model love – in whatever shape it is most needed at any given time. This is so easily said, but so hard to do. Virginia Tech prepares us to go out beyond our comfort – with courage – to serve. At any given moment, our lives are begging us to evaluate where our service might be next needed. When we say yes to use our lives to serve, that’s it Ut Prosim.


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