Authentic Artists Announces Strategic Funding Round, Aims To Create The Sound Of The Metaverse

SAN FRANCISCO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – San Francisco-based Authentic Artists announced the closing of a strategic funding round to accelerate development of its AI-driven metaverse music platform, build its WarpSound music brand, and onboard future-focused, market-making partners including Warner Music Group, Crush Ventures, the investment arm of Crush Music, the Founders of Nike’s RTFKT, and The Sandbox Co-Founder Sebastien Borget. Participants joined previous investors including OVO Fund, James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems, and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.

“We love revolutionary brands, and WarpSound is one of them,” says RTFKT Co-Founder Steven Vasilev. “My Co-Founders and I are excited to join the Authentic Artists team on their journey as they create the sound of the metaverse and ignite new music culture.”

Authentic Artists’ industry-leading music platform powers metaverse-native virtual artists, digital collectibles and interactive music experiences using cutting edge deep learning, game engine and blockchain technologies. The team is completely reimagining the source, expression and shared experience of music for audiences in the metaverse and across all connected stages. Limitless, real time, and interactive, WarpSound’s music ambassadors, virtual artists Nayomi, DJ Dragoon, Gnar Heart, and GLiTCH, embody the sound of the metaverse. Authentic’s genesis music NFT collection, WVRPS by WarpSound, is the all-time # 1 music NFT collection on OpenSea and contains 9,999 unique, visual trait-driven musical voices enabled by Authentic’s generative music technology.

“WMG is focused on harnessing the tools, technologies and protocols that collectively make up web3 to consistently unlock new opportunities for our artists, songwriters and fans to create and consume together,” said Warner Music Group’s Chief Digital Officer, Oana Ruxandra. “This partnership sees us leaning in with the ambitious team at Authentic Artists as they build out unique communities at the intersection of music and technology.”

“Music is Authentic’s lifeblood, and we’re using new creative tools to awaken a deeper connection with music and each other,” says Authentic Artists CEO Chris McGarry. “We’re grateful to have the support of some of the most transformative brands and leaders in music and digital culture as we build the defining metaverse music platform.”

About Authentic Artists

Authentic Artists is a San Francisco-based company with the industry-leading metaverse music platform. Authentic delivers innovative musical content, collectibles, and social experiences by using cutting edge deep learning, game engine and blockchain technologies, unleashing music play and creativity across connected digital and physical worlds. The next era of music is here.

WarpSound is a collective of artists, both AI and human, collaborating across web2 and web3 platforms to create the sound of the metaverse. Led by virtual artists Nayomi, DJ Dragoon, Gnar Heart and GLiTCH, along with a deeply engaged and growing community of 5,000 WVRPS NFT holders, WarpSound is a home for everyone who loves music and doesn’t fit into a neat box.

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