Benro MeFoto RoadTrip Pro Carbon Fiber tripod review

Benro makes two versions of the MeFoto RoadTrip Pro tripod; the first has carbon fiber legs (reviewed here), while the second has aluminum legs (and costs less at around $ 249.95 / £ 180). Both varieties are available in three color variants, black, silver and blue – it’s the color of the metal locks and canopy that changes.

When the five-section legs and two-section center column are fully extended, this tripod is 152.5cm tall, which puts it in the full-height tripod category. The lowest shooting level, 39.5cm, is achieved by setting the legs to the widest of their three angles and extending the center column up until its base clears the ground.

There are a couple of options if you want to shoot at a lower level than this. The first is to unscrew the base of the center column so it can be removed and reversed in the canopy and then shoot with the camera hanging upside-down.

(Image credit: Angela Nicholson / Digital Camera World)

Removing the base of the center column reveals a set of small legs that offer an alternative for low-level shooting. These can be attached directly on to the ball head to create a tabletop or mini tripod. The small legs can also be attached to the base of the center column to create a different type of stand, but it’s hard to see why you’d opt for this less stable approach when you have a tripod.

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