College of Education and Human Development One of the Nation’s Top 100 Colleges

The College of Education and Human Development placed within the top 100 graduate programs for Education in the 2023 US News and World Report rankings, an annual compendium judging universities across the country. The list for the 2023 school year was released on March 29, and this new list put the College tied for the number 100 spot, maintaining the previous year’s position. With over 200 programs ranked on the 2023 US News and World Report’s Best Education Schools, this spot on the list puts the college firmly in the company of some of the best and most prestigious institutions in the country.

The College’s fully online programs were ranked number 90 on the list. This spot accompanies a dedicated effort by the faculty at the College to further develop their online teaching methods to be more engaging. Donald Easton-Brooks, Dean of the College of Education and Human Development, said the College is developing a STEM Learning Lab, finding ways to make classes more than just sitting behind a screen for their students. This new spot on the list represents an improvement of ten places over the College’s 2022 ranking at 100.

“The college has a top-notch quality online education program as recognized by metrics that look at the level of instruction, engagement with students and attention to access,” Easton-Brooks said. “Part of the process is how professionals at other universities view our program. Given our ranking, this implies that others in the field have great things to say about the online program in our college. ”

The College’s rank puts it within the top percentage of land-grant university Education programs. The University of Nevada, Reno’s heritage as a land-grant institution is one of the great pride to the College and reflects the institution’s goal to provide quality and affordable education to all students.

“Land grant universities started as a way to provide access and opportunities to a diverse group of communities,” Easton-Brooks said. “At one point, higher education was seen as a very elitist thing.”

The US News and World Report rankings are calculated from information provided during the 2021-2022 academic year. An incredible mix of variables, including class sizes, peer assessments, student assessments and research contributions all play a part in determining how exactly a college is ranked relative to the competition.

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