Designer Daniel Avakian launches haute couture NFT

Mr Avakian told The Australian Financial Review that the collection is based on the 1982 film Blade Runner.

“The whole idea I had three months ago was to see how we could use our technology and our designs to integrate a symbiosis between human models and digital,” he said after his show.

“This is part of the bigger concept we’ve got that we are calling real-time fashion.”

Daniel Avakian fashion show, during Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2022, where the first NFT was launched. Louise Kennerley

Mr Avakian, who has had his namesake label for more than 15 years, said the world is trying to simulate garments in the metaverse, but he is moving to develop a new business stream that will help young designers who want to use NFTs and set up shop in the ‘metaverse’.

While there’s no broadly accepted definition of “the metaverse”, at its heart, it’s a vast network of 3D worlds and virtual simulations rendered in real-time.

One of the avatars in the Daniel Avakian show was wearing a lime green Deckard blazer that sells for $ 950. Shoppers can buy the physical jacket online by using Avakian’s real-time technology, which includes body scanning that allows him to create the perfect fit of the garment. Rendering in 3D is also used, which is more sustainable since Avakian will not have to hold stock.

“This is luxury, high-end fast fashion, without the landfill stuff,” he said.

“This is actually a hyperrealistic simulation, which has never really been done. So, it’s designed, picked up through our 3D pattern making team who create a virtual 3D pattern of the garment, the patterns go to our factory to produce that as a one off, and then those patterns are outputted to our 3D render team. ”

Model showing the ‘Tears in the Rain’ dress which was also minted as an NFT at the Daniel Avakian fashion show on Wednesday. Louise Kennerley

Mr Avakian is hoping to expand this offering into the metaverse when its more developed.

“You can buy this jacket for yourself as a physical product, and when the metaverse is ready, which we know is about a year away, they can be digital assets that can be applied inside metaverses,” he said.

BTC Markets chief executive Caroline Bowler was introduced to the mens and women’s fashion designer by IMG, and said this collaboration is about reaching more females in the emerging market.

“We know that crypto has traditionally been viewed as a male-dominated industry, but we are here to break new ground and to speak to the growing community of women engaged in crypto in Australia and our collaboration with Daniel Avakian and partnership with AAFW provides us with the perfect opportunity to do that, ”she said.

Natalie Xenita, vice president, managing director, IMG Fashion
Events & Properties Asia Pacific said this partnership highlights the innovative ways that designers can engage with customers while also creating new revenue streams to fuel future growth.

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