LISA Joins MetaCity M as a Model

CHICAGO, May 9, 2022 / PRNewswire / – The world’s first ever metaverse mobile game: MetaCity M, developed by Gamamobi, officially announces that LISA, a member of BLACKPINK, will join MetaCity M as a global model under YG Entertainment. LISA is known for her cute and loveable off-stage style and her amazing dance performance; the perfect match for MetaCity M. The collaboration will excite fans worldwide, who will eagerly wait to find out what will come next in this exciting partnership.

The world’s first open-world metaverse mobile game where dreams come true
Having begun development in 2020, MetaCity M focuses on the concept of the ‘Open World Metaverse’. Each planet in MetaCity M features more than 1,600 small towns, 690 second-tier cities, and 55 first-tier cities. The massive 510 million square kilometer world allows players everywhere to play with friends and neighbors nearby, and drive, walk or even fly with people far away from all over the world. Explore different countries every day and see the world in all 4 seasons or take part in the simple joys of life such as watching the sunrise and sunset or enjoying a mountain top view. Take a spaceship to other planets and experience interplanetary exploration to visit players on alien planets. Use your life construction skill to develop your hometown with a global player base to create a truly unique town in the metaverse.

As LISA joins MetaCity M as a global model, the release of MetaCity M is hotly anticipated. To learn more about LISA, keep up to date with the latest news on the MetaCity M website.

About Gamamobi

Gamamobi is a mobile game developer and publisher with decades of experience in the industry. Gamamobi’s team has published countless games spanning several eras from online web games to mobile games. In recent years, Gamamobi has introduced the element of “play” into various industries, and the Group’s e-commerce platform and offline advertising media platform are all developed around the development and distribution of games.

In 2020, the team began to develop “MetaCity M”: an open-world game that helps to create a new metaverse. “MetaCity M” combines a SocialFi experience with e-commerce, offline advertising, and various brands to present a complete virtual world content experience in real estate, cars, furniture, clothes, and entertainment. “MetaCity M” is expected to launch globally and officially enter the metaverse market in 2022, and hopes to change the public’s understanding of gaming applications and lead new trends in pioneering gaming.

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