‘Namastey NFT’: Bengaluru to host India’s mega metaverse summit | Bengaluru

Bengaluru to host India’s mega metaverse summit, ‘NamasteyNFT Bengaluru 2022,’ from 14 to 15th May 2022 at BangaloreInternational Exhibition Center.

The two-day event intends to democratize the understanding of the world of Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs by bringing together artists, collectors, developers, influencers and pioneers of the WEB 3 industry.

What is ‘NamasteyNFT Bengaluru 2022’?

‘NamasteyNFT Bengaluru 2022’, is a free-to-enter event, that is expected to host 300+ artists, and 20+ speakers like Vineet Vohra, Fikret Dilek Uyar, Jassi Oberai, Natalie Amrossi, Prasad Bhat, Vishwas Bhushan, and others , including well-known figures in the NFT industry.

More than 10,000 participants are expected from all across the country including Influencers and community leaders from Web3 and the NFT community.

It is reported that, at the event, developer participation will be represented by ‘Decentology’ (the Title and Diamond sponsor). TryCrypto and NftyDreams have sponsored the entire summit.

Highlights of the event

An exhibition (titled ‘The Prologue’) of 300 freshly minted NFTs by Artists of various genres from all over the globe including 2D Artists, 3D Artists, Photographers, Animators, Poets, etc. is expected. A Hackathon will also be held as part of the event, in which developers can compete for prizes.

The first day of the exhibition will end with a full bang live performance as music stars from around the country including Hanumankind, Jbabe, Shanka Tribe and Black Ice Crew (Dance Showcase) are coming together to make the community night a grand success.

An interactive treasure hunt tour of the festival, single and multiplayer MetaSky VR games, 3D paintings, interactive projection mapping, a forest experience room, hologram art, AR-enhanced dance moves, and a Metaverse concert are among the other highlights of the summit.

Reports say, there will be discussions about making Web3 accessible to web developers all across the world and accelerating the adoption of decentralized technologies.

Namastey NFT

Namastey NFT is a large NFT community with a collective intention to democratize the understanding of the world of NFTs by bringing together artists, collectors, developers, influencers, and pioneers of the Web3 industry.

A community that started out on a Whatsapp group with less than 10 members, now consists of 1,500 artists who support artists from across the country to sell their works on the blockchain.

It aims to empower and support emerging creators through an artist-driven community fund and help them transition to WEB 3, mint their work and even buy an NFT. Interested people should register at the NamasteyNFT portal to gain access to the summit.


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