Rob Feldman’s Cyko Ko Back In Print, Exclusively For NFT Collectors


Rob Feldman ‘s comic book Cyko KO is coming to print, but only for Cyko Headz NFT holders. Cyko KO premiered as the first Webtoon Originals “FX” series in the United States in 2015. It later went to print and received a Ringo Award Nomination in 2018 for Best Kids Graphic Novel. In 2021, Feldman joined Katy PerryAmerican Idol, Lionsgate, NASA, Mystery Science Theater, and MGM in Theta Networks’ network of creative partners to bring Cyko KO to the world of NFTs, one of the first comic creators to do so. Feldman, who is also Rocketship Entertainment’s CTO collaborated with Theta Network for Cyko Headzhis version of Bored Ape. which are NFT collectibles based on the comic series and spawned on the Theta blockchain. Theta claims that it has an “environmentally friendly proof of stake mechanism”. Now Rocketship Entertainment announced it will partner with Theta Network to bring an exclusive graphic novel of Rob Feldman’s Cyko KO to print for Cyko Headz NFT holders.

Cyko Headz NFT holders can go to the site at, connect their NFT, and read the exclusive digital version of the comic. However, if they purchase the Extreme package, they have the option to redeem a physical copy published by Rocketship Entertainment. Later this year Rocketship will publish an 80-page graphic novel collection of the comics released on Theta that will include additional material and be available in the mass market.

Rob Feldman's NFT Comic Cyko Ko Comes To Print With Rockets[

“When Rob came to us about a new Theta-exclusive Cyko KO comic as part of the Cyko Headz NFT package, we were beyond excited. This will be a first for ThetaDrop, and we’re all about pushing the limits of our technology. ” said Kyle Laffey, Head of Partnerships at Theta Network. “Allowing users to unlock premium content through ThetaPass is exactly what we were looking for, and the opportunity to partner with Rocketship on a physical redeemable is icing on the cake.” “Rob has consistently been on the bleeding edge of comics and technology, so it’s no surprise that he would be at the forefront of bringing comics to their next evolution with Theta Network.” said Rocketship CEO and Publisher Tom Akel, former EIC of Webtoon. Everything is connected…

Rob Feldman's NFT Comic Cyko Ko Comes To Print With Rockets[

SuperEarth’s greatest hero is here! Cyko KO is the fourth-wall breakin ‘, pinball-addicted, cereal eatin’, motorcycle-ridin ‘hero you’ve been waiting for! Follow Cyko KO, his sidekick Peachy Keen and their pet Meemop, as he protects the colonies of SuperEarth from giant monsters and crazy characters in this Saturday morning cartoon-inspired, all ages title.

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