School voucher system draws criticism from education board

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – On Monday, Governor Greg Abbott voiced his support for a school voucher plan, which means letting parents use taxpayers’ dollars to send their kids to nonpublic schools. This program is said to advocate for parents right to choose their child education route but those in the public school system say this will cripple an already struggling public education system

According to Georgina Perez from state board of education, if this program were ever passed, taxpayers with children in public schools would have to make up the cost for the students who parents chose to send them to private school.

“That school doesn’t get rid of a teacher doesn’t get rid of the bus program the heating and cooling expenses don’t change any of the maintenance or operational expenses change so what ends up happening is the 95 percent of students that are in public schools are losing funding so that this family or small group of families can exercise their use of the governors voucher program. ”

Dr. Lanny Hollis from the Diocese of El Paso says that parents should have the right to choose where their kids should receive their education because that is what they pay for with their tax dollars.

“Again, its basically you’re taking your tax dollars and your able to take into account where they’re going to go if you have children, if you don’t have children you’re paying taxes to support children then you might actually want to have a say where that money would go to. ”

Hollis is unsure if El Paso private schools would be a part of the program because of the broad term “private school.”

“It doesn’t really mean because all private schools are not equal ok because some have a faith based some have a specific population, they work with etc. so when you say private schools it’s really, really a broad term. ”

Perez does believe this will affect the public education system due to budgetary challenges they already face

“One more way to not only create additional problems in the public school system but it ultimately takes money away from your community classrooms out of your teachers pockets out of your students supports and resources and educational opportunities.”

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