ServiceNow’s new solutions to drive innovation at scale

Enabling transparency and responsiveness with ServiceNow’s new solutions

Now Platform’s new additions include a Service Operations Workspace, App Engine Management Center (AEMC) and Public Sector Digital Services – these features work across organizations and within the public sector to digitize complex processes and accelerate productivity.

The Service Operations Workspace gives service desk agents and operations teams a single place to manage work, collaborate, and have shared visibility into issues. This feature includes a unified user experience for agents and operations teams to work on the same problem at the same time and solve issues faster.

By introducing this to the platform, ServiceNow is helping to reduce downtime, improve customer satisfaction, and increase productivity across multiple groups.

With AEMC ServiceNow is opening up the opportunity for co-innovation between business and IT with low-code app development governance. This feature comes as the number of citizen developers creating low-code solutions grows. As a result, the role of IT must evolve to empower co-innovation at scale while maintaining governance protocols, which ServiceNow is enabling.

AEMC, a lowcode governance solution, can successfully scale and safeguard app development across an organization with App Engine. Platform admins can also set guardrails, apply standards, enable co-innovation between business and IT, and check for compliance in a single place without any friction.

On top of this, the AEMC feature helps centrally manage all aspects of low-code app dev, from app intake to collaboration requests, to pipeline monitoring and deployment tasks. With ServiceNow’s recently published Citizen Development Center of Excellence (CoE) website, customers can also find the content they need to build a successful citizen development program with App Engine.

“App Engine Management Center creates a single pane of glass where I no longer have to dig through hundreds of emails or notes to understand who is working on specific applications, where are they working on them, and why are they working on them,” said Jake Tweito, Software Developer and ServiceNow Platform Owner at TTI.

“It opens up the possibilities to make strategic business decisions instead of going down rabbit-holes trying to find more information,” he continued.

Finally, the Public Sector Digital Services feature provides governments with a digital foundation to deliver consumer-grade experiences from request to resolution.

This solution provides out-of-the-box public sector data models and workflows to help governments speed innovation, deliver better experiences, and resolve requests faster. As a result, constituents benefit from increased convenience, transparency, and responsiveness.

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