Q&A: How to Improve Your Digital Asset Expertise | Financial Advisors

Cryptocurrency and digital assets are a fact of life for investors and advisors alike. Whether you’re in favor of these new products as investment opportunities or prefer to steer your clients down more well-trodden paths, one thing you can’t do is ignore them. Crypto and digital asset expertise is becoming a requirement for all of … Read more

Why CPAs will have a role in the metaverse

CPAs will play an important role with businesses who buy or sell goods with digital currencies in the metaverse (Getty / Westend61) The evolution of the metaverse — and how to monetize it — is driving many strategic discussions these days. While the metaverse is not likely to be fully embraced by the business world … Read more

An “Nft Chip” That Will Turn Real-World Luxury Items Into Nfts; Check Details

NFTs have gone far beyond just digital artwork and music. They can now represent practically anything from the real world too. This is possible thanks to innovations like the NFT chip by Americana Technologies, a company backed by Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, rapper Future, and NFT marketplace, OpenSea. Americana’s Ethereum-based ‘NFTA Universal Chip’ can simply … Read more

MetaCampione is Disrupting the P2E, Metaverse & Gaming

Paris, France, May 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Quick Intro: MetaCampione is doing what no one has ever tried before! Breaking the luck model in P2E Games and introducing Fair P2E Metaverse MMORPG Game! MetaCampione also offers unique NFTs (Characters) to mint and start playing and earning. 40% + of the total MetaCampione token $ … Read more

You can’t truly own anything in the metaverse. A law professor explains why

In 2021, an investment firm bought 2,000 acres of real estate for about $ 4 million. Normally this would not make headlines, but in this case the land was virtual. It existed only in a metaverse platform called The Sandbox. By buying 792 non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, the firm then owned the equivalent … Read more

Here’S All You Need To Know About The Third-Largest Metaverse By Market Cap

The Dubai government has been one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency and metaverse. In a recent move, the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) announced purchasing a piece of land in The Sandbox metaverse to develop its virtual headquarters. It aims to reach a borderless audience while improving environmental sustainability and social inclusion – … Read more

We are building the world’s first monastery in the metaverse, says NFT Gurus co-founder Vaibhav Sharma

The popularity of NFTs has grown tremendously over the past year, and new NFT-projects are beginning to appear all over the crypto world. While the details vary from project to project, the NFTs will likely become common in the nearest future, providing decentralized trading limited only by their creators’ imagination. There are several different types … Read more

As NFT prices drop, taxman could come knocking

Mumbai: A recent drop in the prices of high-value non-fungible tokens (NFTs), coupled with ambiguity in the recently established tax framework, will lead to tax scrutiny for Indian investors in the coming months, as asset valuation norms for digital assets remain unclear , according to tax experts. The tax department is sure to question the … Read more

Why Philipp Plein Has Launched A Web 3.0 Concept Store In London And A Metaverse Marketplace Online

Philipp Plein in his MoNA NFT art gallery at his London crypto concept store. Dave Benett / Getty Images for Philipp Plein Philipp Plein has launched a Web 3.0 crypto concept store on London’s Old Bond Street and and a free and independent NFT trading platform online. Whereas many other luxury brands are intent on … Read more