EU initiative aims to drive digital innovation to cut energy costs for food SMEs

The EU-funded S3FOOD project claims many of the 290,000-strong small and medium-sized food companies in the region making up 90% of the European food industry have yet to adopt the intelligent data collection and management systems that can help them cut and control costs in the face of soaring energy costs. S3FOOD is a four-year … Read more

Metro Bank looks for startups for innovation lab

Metro Bank has just launched its second start-up collaboration program, Metro Bank Magic Makers. Drawing on the success of the first program run in partnership with L Marks, Metro Bank is again looking for innovative solutions that will move the dial on its customer experience. In 2021, Metro Bank launched its first Magic Makers program … Read more

India Education: Need for skills: Why India’s education needs to embrace some changes

Evolving times demand different kinds of skill sets and the adoption of new methods for better productivity and overall, a better living. This applies to all sectors, no exceptions. As education is the basic element for forging a rewarding life, this knowledge sector should be the first in adopting new skills and methodologies. The pandemic, … Read more

Salary scales indicate it’s a great time to be in tech

Demand for skilled IT professionals continues to rise with no sign of a let up. Specialist roles like scrum master, DevOps engineers, and network cloud architects are no longer the sole preserve of the software industry as organizations across the world accelerate their digitalisation programs in response to the changed market landscape and altered working … Read more

How is the Digital Transition Benefiting the Planet?

From the middle of the twentieth century onwards, the world economy has been undergoing what academics refer to as the “digital transition.” This is the shift of one industry after another toward computer-based ways of working, which is now all but ubiquitous. The rise of digital technologies enabling a digital transition correlates with our increasing … Read more registers 1.2 million NFT buyers during its live drop

Global gaming NFT platform has witnessed traffic of over a million NFT enthusiasts during the live drop on its recently launched marketplace. Within a few weeks of launching in the NFT gaming market, the platform has crossed several milestones, Kameshwaran Elangovan, co-founder and COO, GuardianLink, said. “We are constantly looking for new ways to … Read more

Why luxury brands must be strategic with NFTs in the metaverse | Digital

NFTs have seen explosive growth over the last couple of years and their sheer ubiquitous appearances make it easy to forget that the first NFT was only created in 2014. In less than a decade, NFTs now account between 16 and 20 percent of the art market. The disruptive shift towards digital art is so … Read more

Rita McGrath Explains Why Your Future Is Digital

In a brilliant new article, Columbia University strategic management scholar Rita McGrath explains why “You can’t avoid the digital dimension of your business, even if you want to.” The need is becoming urgent. The gains from digital are well-known. Yet despite huge investments in digital transformations, most firms are disappointed with the benefits they are … Read more

Why does pharmaceutical innovation in Europe matter for jobs and growth? – POLITICO

Recent crises have highlighted the critical need for Europe to secure and strengthen its position as a leader in medical innovation. As the European Commission works on the next Pharmaceutical Strategy, we need to ensure Europe has the right environment to bring the next generation of treatments to patients. The challenge for the coming decades … Read more