Shomari Scott, Chief Business Officer, Health City Cayman Islands CAYMAN ISLANDS, May 14, 2022 / – On the heels of a groundbreaking ceremony for Health City Camana Bay, officials at renowned Caribbean hospital Health City Cayman Islands are taking a moment to celebrate eight years of operation as one of the region’s leading tertiary care … Read more

Mining giants back winning ideas in global Charge On Innovation Challenge

In the global quest to significantly decarbonise mining operations, eight technology innovators’ submissions have been selected to progress beyond the Charge On Innovation Challenge. The global challenge, launched by BHP, Rio Tinto and Vale sought to accelerate commercialization of effective solutions for charging large electric haul trucks while simultaneously demonstrating there is an emerging market … Read more

Barcelona 2030, Europe’s digital capital – POLITICO

Barcelona is well known as one of Europe’s industrial powerhouses. A city recognized for its vibrant and strong economy, Barcelona is also celebrated for its ability to reinvent itself in the face of new global challenges, making it a flagship of innovation at European and world levels. Other media have indeed recently ranked it as … Read more

Governor Spencer Cox unveils new Energy and Innovation Plan

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – During the One Utah Summit that took place on May 10, Governor Spencer Cox announced his new “Energy and Innovation Plan.” Throughout the past several months, the Utah Office of Energy Development, along with the help of public insight, worked to update the state’s existing Energy and Innovation Plan. This … Read more

Following rapid growth, Medifast opens new R&D hub in Owings Mills

Medifast’s food scientists test products in The Medifast Innovation Center’s laboratory. (Courtesy Medifast) With the opening of a research and development hub in Owings Mills, Medifast is hoping to continue its rapid growth trajectory, improve its products and explore the possibility of expanding its product lineup – all right at home in Maryland. The company, … Read more

Why CPAs will have a role in the metaverse

CPAs will play an important role with businesses who buy or sell goods with digital currencies in the metaverse (Getty / Westend61) The evolution of the metaverse — and how to monetize it — is driving many strategic discussions these days. While the metaverse is not likely to be fully embraced by the business world … Read more

What’s Next For Higher Education?

Higher education is moving from a centralized to a decentralized framework. getty Ivan Bofarull is chief innovation officer at Esadelecturer in disruptive innovations, and author of ‘Moonshot Thinking ‘. As we have witnessed in a variety of industries, higher education is embracing change and moving from a centralized framework to a world where most learning … Read more

Arçelik to grant $ 5 million support to 7,000 entrepreneurs

The open innovation investments of institutions continue to increase along with their global commitments. Arçelik, a white goods giant, aims for global leadership by expanding its research and development (R&D) and innovation collaborations on a global scale with the Garage Innovation Hub, its planning and execution department for innovation and entrepreneurship. Arçelik Garage Innovation Hub, … Read more

Why does pharmaceutical innovation in Europe matter for jobs and growth? – POLITICO

Recent crises have highlighted the critical need for Europe to secure and strengthen its position as a leader in medical innovation. As the European Commission works on the next Pharmaceutical Strategy, we need to ensure Europe has the right environment to bring the next generation of treatments to patients. The challenge for the coming decades … Read more

Innovation, added-value help offset inflation threats in dairy – but what do consumers want?

According to the most recent data consumer price index update in April, the amount shoppers are paying for dairy consumed at home has surged 7% in the past year, with some categories hit harder than others. For example, over the past year, the weighted average price for a gallon of conventional milk increased from $ … Read more