BlackRock, Franklin and Polar tech funds hit as rout wipes 30% off investor holdings

BlackRock, Franklin and Polar tech funds hit as rout wipes 30% off investor holdings

Some of Europe’s largest technology funds are nursing losses of more than 30% this year, as a brutal sell-off across the sector drags down behemoths managed by the likes of BlackRock, Franklin Templeton and Polar Capital. The world’s largest technology companies were riding high during the Covid pandemic, but have now shed hundreds of billions … Read more

Facebook Sharpens Its Metaverse Weapons

After Meta’s (MVRS) – Get Meta Report recent first quarter earnings call, many were left bewildered by some of the company’s choices. While the results it reported were mixed, one glaring item was impossible to ignore: It lost a whopping $ 10 billion in 2021 from its Reality Labs division. As Mark Zuckerberg has made … Read more

Q&A: How to Improve Your Digital Asset Expertise | Financial Advisors

Cryptocurrency and digital assets are a fact of life for investors and advisors alike. Whether you’re in favor of these new products as investment opportunities or prefer to steer your clients down more well-trodden paths, one thing you can’t do is ignore them. Crypto and digital asset expertise is becoming a requirement for all of … Read more

What Financial Advisors Need to Know About NFTs

Until fairly recently, the idea of ​​selling a tweet wouldn’t have made much sense. But last year, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey auctioned a nonfungible token, or NFT, of the first tweet ever sent. Dorsey’s historic message: “just setting up my twttr.” Pretty mundane for sure. Still, crypto entrepreneur Sina Estavi made the winning bid for … Read more

Future Returns: Protecting and Managing Digital Assets

For investors in digital assets like cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), it’s necessary to take special estate planning considerations into account. But a recent study conducted by the Northern Trust Institute suggests some investors are slow to adopt these measures, potentially putting their investments at risk after they die. The Chicago-based wealth manager firm surveyed … Read more

Stock Funds Felt the Tech Pain in April

Unplugged. Tech stocks absorbed a long-awaited decline in April, damaging mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that had enjoyed their run-up. Some investors hope it’s just a needed pause after a strong run for stocks of software, social-media and other tech companies that sent growth-stock funds soaring. As April ended, the tech-focused Nasdaq Composite Index had … Read more

2 Stocks to Buy Amid Tech’s Wreckage

Text size Tens of billions of investors’ capital has been vaporized inside some top tech hedge funds. It could be the quickest collapse of dollar value in hedge fund history. Dreamstime Warren Buffett once said, “You don’t find out who’s been swimming naked until the tide goes out.” Well, the tide has gone out for … Read more

Bored Apes Are Big. Other NFTs, Not so Much.

Bored Apes may be carrying the NFT market on its shoulders. NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, are digital files that grant holders some rights to a unique digital asset – such as a video clip, image, audio file, or deed to online real estate. Most NFTs are minted and trade on the Ethereum blockchain, priced in … Read more

15 Best NFT Projects for 2022

da-kuk / Getty Images Non-fungible tokens have been a hot topic of discussion during the past two years. Some pieces in popular collections, like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, have sold for millions of dollars. Artists have also sold digital works of art for tens of millions of dollars at high-end auctions like Christie’s. Top … Read more

Do Gamers Even Like Facebook’s Metaverse?

While Meta’s (MVRS) – Get Meta Report announcements from its April 27 earnings call left both users and investors with a lot to talk about, there was one part that was particularly difficult to swallow. From its rebranding as a metaverse company to opening what Zuckerberg calls “metaverse stores” (what are even in those?), No … Read more