Blurring Of The Metaverse: Meta’s Branding Challenges And Web3’s Wild West Moment

Meta wants to be the primary architect of the metaverse and one of the leaders in the future of web3. But its vision for the future of technology and ownership is sharply at odds with many web3 true believers. Here are some of the challenges that the company formerly known as Facebook will face, and … Read more

Why The Metaverse Is Music’s Next Frontier And What You Need To Know

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What Should Brands Sound Like In The Metaverse?

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What Is The Metaverse And Why Should You Care?

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Exploring The Galaxy Of Fintech Services Within The Metaverse

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Introducing the World’s First 24-Hour Metaverse Festival

AMSTERDAM, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Meta Festival is back! After a successful event in Berlin in 2021, this year, Meta Festival, founded by global digital agency DEPT® and JOURNEE, is inviting people from around the world to take a peek into the metaverse. With opportunities to hear from leading brands, Web3 innovators, and … Read more

Is the Metaverse just for Gamers?

Tortola, BVI, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain Wire) It’s impossible to escape the recent explosion of discussion about what and where the Metaverse will be in the future. With many established brands such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Adidas and Nike making strategic moves into space it is plain to see that something … Read more

Convergence in the Metaverse

From the very beginning, learning about Bitcoin could take you down multiple rabbit holes. You might start at the obvious places, money and blockchain technology, but soon find yourself studying history, psychology, stock markets, internet infrastructure and political theory, among other disciplines. What’s happening now though, around Bitcoin and crypto, has taken this kind of … Read more

Why CPAs will have a role in the metaverse

CPAs will play an important role with businesses who buy or sell goods with digital currencies in the metaverse (Getty / Westend61) The evolution of the metaverse — and how to monetize it — is driving many strategic discussions these days. While the metaverse is not likely to be fully embraced by the business world … Read more

Why Global Firms Are Lining Up Outside Metaverse

Metaverse, the new buzzword, is well on its path to find its way into big and small business plans over the next decade. A new report by data analytics firm GlobalData has recorded a 40% jump in companies using the word in quarterly filings in the March quarter. The fast-growing corporate interest could soon put … Read more