What Is The Metaverse And Why Should You Care?

Creating value through the Metaverse needs to be one of many tools available to your organization to … [+] meet its strategic goals. getty As veteran technology writer Eric Ravenscraft wrote in Wired several weeks ago, “It’s been… months since Facebook announced it was rebranding to Meta and would focus its future on the upcoming … Read more

Why CPAs will have a role in the metaverse

CPAs will play an important role with businesses who buy or sell goods with digital currencies in the metaverse (Getty / Westend61) The evolution of the metaverse — and how to monetize it — is driving many strategic discussions these days. While the metaverse is not likely to be fully embraced by the business world … Read more

My Family Is Trapped in the Metaverse

On a whim, I recently started rewatching Ready Player Onethe Steven Spielberg adaptation of Ernest Cline’s seminal novel about a future in which virtual reality is the real world. In the opening scene, protagonist Wade Watts clambers around a ramshackle trailer park before placing a headset on his face. Everyone has largely abandoned the decrepit, … Read more

VR Mars metaverse built by Fortnite maker will let you experience life on Red Planet

NASA has partnered up with Epic Games to create a virtual reality Mars metaverse. The joint project hopes to become a helpful tool for space agencies when planning the first human expedition on the Red Planet. To get the ball rolling, Nasa has partnered with HeroX to launch the MarsXR challenge. This test tasks developers … Read more

This Liquid Metal Could Transform Soft Electronics | Innovation

The metal gallium becomes a liquid at slightly above room temperature, one of its many remarkable properties that researchers are investigating. Feature China/Future Publishing via Getty Images Every time you sit down with your phone in your back pocket, you’re reminded of a fundamental truth: Human bodies are soft and flexible. Electronics aren’t. But soon … Read more

How Exactly Can Meta Prove It’s Delivering The Metaverse?

Horizon Facebook Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, took a historic hit this week when its stock crashed by 26% in the wake of its first ever Facebook user loss, and poor ad revenue performance, likely due to iOS 15 targeting changes. But there’s also the fact that Meta took a loss … Read more

Virtual power plants: Metaverse for the power sector

By Somesh Kumar The Metaverse holds immense potential for an asset-heavy sector like power and utilities that relies on huge assets spread across states and in some cases, countries. The key enablers of the Metaverse are augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, 3D reconstruction, blockchain … Read more

What is the Future of Social Media?

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. With virtual real estate sales topping $ 500 million in 2021 alone and being expected to more than double in 2022, it’s clear that things are heating up in the metaverse, and marketers, investors and celebrities alike are starting to take notice. Ever since Facebook’s shock announcement … Read more

Utopia VR Launches Global Metaverse Platform and Profit

KELOWNA, British Columbia, April 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via InvestorWire – Utopia VR (“Utopia VR” or the “Company”), a global leader in providing web-based metaverse solutions, today announces that it has launched its global metaverse platform and profit share affiliate program. There is no cost to join the affiliate program, and a registered affiliate … Read more

When it comes to tech-art, who is the real creator?

Ai-Da, named after the English mathematician Ada Lovelace, is like any other artist. She not only draws but is also a performance artist. She paints, however, with the cameras in her eyes, her Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, and a robotic arm. This ultra-realistic humanoid artist, created in 2019, has made and exhibited art across the … Read more