How are digital payments going to shape in the next five years?

With the ongoing digital disruption, digital payments have gained momentum over the recent years. With online businesses and ecommerce platforms upscaling, electronic payments have become the epicenter of transformation in the financial sector. Cashless payments are the current trend and financial inclusion has become a top priority for the nation. FinTech companies are constantly innovating … Read more

Boosting farm prosperity through investments in Ag Tech start-ups

Agriculture has always been a key part of India’s growth story, with the country ranking among the top 3 in terms of agri output. As a significant agrarian economy, agriculture employs more than half of the country’s population. According to the ministry of statistics, the agriculture sector’s contribution to GDP has risen from 17.6% in … Read more

How are India and Australia taking it to the next level?

What does it take for students to succeed in this interconnected and interdependent globalized world? Can every student get the required global exposure regardless of financial capacity? With the growing interdependence of the world economies brought about by cross-border trade in goods, services, technology, and flow of investment, people, and information, let us examine the … Read more

Has digital technology transformed the MedTech industry?

The Covid-19 pandemic didn’t just affect the people infected with the virus but also the healthcare industry in general and the medical devices segment in particular. This single cause has managed to irrevocably change the industry’s future, bringing about a deep focus on wellness and customization of services as per the patient, and thus on … Read more

Why digital transformation is the key to your survival in a competitive world?

Any business could run successfully by operating offline a few years back. Customers would directly come to your store and buy items as per their needs. If they like your service, they will visit again and gradually become loyal to you. The point is, it was not that challenging for business owners to gain and … Read more

How virtual education has forced a decade of evolution in the sector- in just two years

The advent of the internet brought with it a new way of learning ie, virtual education or e-learning. Though this mode of learning began with the internet, the development was rather slow. With the onset of the global pandemic crisis in 2020, virtual education witnessed a big jump in terms of adoption and growth. The … Read more

Digital collaborations enhance experiences, exceed expectations

A couple of months ago, there was an unusual wedding reception in Tamil Nadu. The bride’s father had passed away the previous year. Yet, as an extraordinary gift, the groom ensured the father was present at the event to bless the daughter and interact with others. Thanks to Metaverse! That wedding reception is a good … Read more

Digital initiatives unlock synergies within a conglomerate business

With the digital revolution altering the business world across industries, conglomerates must develop effective digital strategies to preserve their leading position across their businesses or risk being challenged by more agile competitors. Digital transformation enables organizations to build a digital infrastructure that allows them to remain at the forefront of innovation and growth. Companies are … Read more