The Graph will Support Web3 Innovation by Offering $ 10k in NYC Hackathon Bounties

This weekend, New York City will see the return of its premier blockchain hackathon, the so-called ETHNewYork. The event will occur between June 24th and 26th at Metropolitan Pavilion, with a number of things scheduled to take place. The Graph, an indexing protocol that queries data for blockchain networks, announced that it will contribute $ 10,000 in bounties this weekend in NYC.

The Graph announces participation in ETHNewYork

Blockchain technology is decentralized, which means that everything that happens – all the development, decision making, and alike – is done by its community. That includes contributions by exceptional and talented individuals and teams, who come to events such as hackathons to help projects advance by finding potential flaws in them and offering new ideas, innovative approaches, and different points of view.

NYC-based ETHNewYork is one such event that will be visited by blockchain developers, tech experts, skilled hackers, and others who will help the blockchain take the next step in its evolution and development. Meanwhile, The Graph decided to become one of the contributors that will provide rewards for supporting innovation.

With $ 10k in bounties, hackers will have the incentive to compete in two things – the best use of an existing subgraph, and the best new subgraph. With this contribution, The Graph wishes to encourage users to build and help the blockchain industry take the next step towards achieving Web 3.0.

The Graph has split the funds into 3 rewards for each category, with a reward of $ 3,500 for the first place, $ 1,000 for the second place, and $ 500 for the third place in both. All that remains now is for the hackers to show off their skills and win the funds.

What is the ETHNewYork hackathon about?

The hackathon’s own goal is the same. It aims to connect people from all over the world – hundreds of thousands of developers, users, hobbyists, creators, artists, market makers, and others who spend their days and nights thinking up new solutions and ways to use the blockchain to improve the world .

The New York hackathon will bring together all of these communities into one, and provide the perfect opportunity for expert developers to once again surprise the blockchain community with their ideas, as well as for new developers to stand out and get their time under the spotlight.

The event will see the appearance of numerous experts who will speak and share their thoughts about this technology, what direction it is heading in, and what may come next in its development. Many of them will also act as judges during the competitive parts of this weekend’s events, such as Uniswap Labs ‘Hayden Adams, Kraken Ventures’ Akshi Federici, Ethereum Foundation’s Austin Griffith, Chris Lema, and Sam Richards, Polygon’s Steph Orphilla, Filecoin’s Alison Haire , and many other representatives of various rising projects.

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