Three Diverse Silicon Valley Restaurants To Try, According To This Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Silicon Valley is widely known for its diversity in food, culture and community, as well as its immense impact on the world of technology. It’s a hub for all things innovation and the home of countless tech startups and global technology companies. And with that comes people from around the world who relocate to the South Bay, bringing their background and heritage to this region.

Enter: Ankr, one of the fastest growing web3 infrastructure companies in the industry. Web3 is a concept that incorporates concepts such as decentralization and token-based economics into the world wide web.

Greg Gopman, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer of Ankr, has been steadily working towards domination in the exponentially exploding field of blockchains, NFTs, metaverses, developer ecosystems and more over the course of his 15 year career which includes a decade of building web2 and web3 startups in Silicon Valley.

“My superpower is helping companies tell their story, so people know why they matter and why they’re important to the future of our industry,” Gopman says. “I’ve worked with Akash, Ethereum, Kadena, Star Atlas, Ethernity, and now Ankr,” reflects the serial entrepreneur who has become one of the nation’s leaders at building brands in this ever growing, complex space.

From consulting in the crypto space and growing market caps via his company Mewn Media to helping to convert retiring cruise ships into permanently docked residential properties with his other endeavor, City Ships, Gopman has an impressive, entrepreneurial resume. He’s even active in the non-profit space with his organization, A Better San Francisco, which seeks to alleviate homelessness in San Francisco.

He’s someone who recognizes the power of community. “No company can scale without a growing community,” he explains. “And the business does not just scale itself without active and constant promotion and relationship-building.”

As he paves the way for the next leg of his journey in the business world, he is the first to emphasize that as modern as his industry is, coming together to converse and make meaningful connections at the table will never change.

Luckily, Silicon Valley is home to an incredibly diverse food scene thanks to its large immigrant enclaves that include Polynesian, Indian, Taiwanese and more. Here are his top three worthwhile restaurants to dine in when looking to create meaningful discourse over excellent food.


Adega is a one-of-a-kind restaurant and is not only the first and only Michelin-starred restaurant in San Jose, but also the only Portuguese restaurant in the country to be honored with a Michelin star. Located in San Jose’s Little Portugal Neighborhood, Adega was opened in 2015 by duo Chef David Costa and Pastry Chef Jessica Carreira. This charming restaurant seeks to provide the most authentic Portuguese experience through its 7-course Chef’s Tasting menu which changes seasonally.

Adega takes classic Portuguese dishes and reimagines them using the best of California bounty. Examples of dishes include sliced ​​and seared duck breast; rabbit terrine; braised beef cheek and scallop and pumpkin rice. Adega, Portuguese for “wine cellar,” also features an extensive wine list that consists of over 500 bottles.

Left Bank

Left Bank, or La Rive Gauche, is an upscale French bistro located in the valley, opulent shopping district of Santa Row in San Jose. It’s a charming eatery that transports you to France for a meal. The menu features a large variety of burgers and large entrees, vegetables, seafood, hefty salads and decadent desserts.

Appetizers include classic french dishes like escargot with Pernod garlic butter; cheese fondue with brie, blue and goat cheese; provincial prawns with nicose olives, basil and capers and more. Main courses feature a beef bourguignon with red wine braised boneless short ribs and bacon lardons; steak frites; bouillabaisse with prawns, clams, mussels in a saffron tomato broth and more.


This stunning Cal-Indian restaurant features award-winning interior design which includes a multi-level space with a mezzanine overlooking the main dining room; a show stopping glass dome; and a large patio complimented by contemporary Indian art, hanging foliage, plenty of natural light and rustic textures. Ettan brings together fresh, California ingredients with the vibrant, bold flavors of Indian cuisine in innovative, visually appealing dishes.

Popular larger dishes include the sukka braised beef short rib with stir fried pumpkin and warm kerala paratha; chicken biryani with roasted pepper gravy; and the local lamb pepper roast with copra with warm malabar paratha and roast gravy. Must try smaller plates include the red chili octopus with spiced yogurt, and fermented chili; the Ettan salad with their signature fermented curry leaf chutney and the kerala fried chicken with roasted coconut milk and green apple.


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