VAN HEES Celebrates 75 Years Of Innovation

Global Family Business Continues To Raise The “Innovation Bar” In Meat Processing

WALLUF, Germany, May 11, 2022 / PRNewswire / – For 75 years, VAN HEES has been elevating the standards for meat processing and is one of the leading Halal and Kosher manufacturer of premium spices, unique spice blends and marinades, functional ingredients, and patented processing additives / enhancers used across a broad range of meat products.

Germany – 1947, VAN HEES opened its doors for the sole purpose of delivering processing additives for the butcher’s trade. Always innovating to meet the evolution in trends, VAN HEES touts recognized success in producing a robust range of vegan / plant-based products under the brand name VECAN ™ that appeal to a growing group of “barbecue enthusiasts” and “flexitarians” who want meat-free alternatives.

VAN HEES has made a significant impact in shaping meat technology as it is known today. From custom solutions resulting in hundreds of innovative products developed over the years to the joint venture with Tasty Food Solutions that delivers custom flavors with the added functionality and safety of VAN HEES products.

Food.PreTECT, the company’s innovative food safety consulting, is changing the landscape in creating customized solutions for food safety, product stability and shelf life. In addition to being certified in accordance with the highest level of IFS (International Featured Standard), VAN HEES pioneered the first plant in Europe to produce and certify spices and processing additives exclusively in accordance with strict halal guidelines. The company received the 2021 seal of approval from the German Institute for Sustainability & Economics for its sustainability approach.

Success does not just happen. For 75 years, VAN HEES has been committed to their mission – To deliver safe and flavorful meat and meat alternative specialties to our customers by providing innovative solutions and creating cutting-edge functional ingredients worldwide.


VAN HEES was founded in 1947 by Kurt van Hees, who recognized the advantages of food-grade phosphates in meat processing and pioneered the development of many renowned and patented processing additives in this field. Soon after, the company created a second mainstay with premium spices, unique spice blends and marinades.

Globally, VAN HEES is committed to solving challenges by providing solutions that focus on everything from alternative raw material and flavor and functional nutrition enhancement to safety and stability and sustainable manufacturing practices.

VAN HEES continues to innovate by addressing convenience and changing nutritional trends and providing solutions for ALL food distribution channels – with an extensive range of marinades, sauces, functional and seasoning blends – many of which are in line with modern, clean-label nutritional trends and produced without added glutamates or allergens.

Through advancement in science, customer service, and product portfolio expansion, VAN HEES is continuously growing, including the opening of numerous production facilities and company acquisitions globally. With customers in 80 countries, VAN HEES operates in ten locations worldwide, including the United States.

VAN HEES products can be purchased in the USA through authorized US distributor’s.

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